Pony Express

This great 3-star climb up Yamnuska’s west end follows an excellent rib of grey rock for 6-pitches. The climbing is very fun and results in an excellent day out on Yamnuska’s large south face. The route does follow a bunch of bolts but also requires some traditional rock placements for protection. 

Grillmair Chimneys

This historical 9-pitch climb was the first technical line up the steep south face of Yamnuska and is still very popular today. The line follows a right leaning weakness that has an alpine rock feel and finishes with a fun, airy chimney and the memorable worm-hole.

Forbidden Corner

This is a classic, 10-pitch rock route up the south face of Yamnuska that is also one of our favourite climbs. Expect a solid day of limestone rock climbing with exposed sections and a bunch of traverse pitches as we navigate our way up. FC is a memorable old school route with lots of flavour. 

Easy Street

This 6-pitch climb is a great Yam intro route and gets 2-star climb. The climbing is consistent in the 5.4-5.6 range, takes traditional rock placements, and makes for a nice day out, especially if these grades are your jam. The climbing is quite fun with a good mix of slab and crack climbing, which results…

The Eagle

The hardest ice route in the Valley of the Birds (VOTB) and a very worthwhile climb when it’s in. VOTB is a great canyon to explore and tic off a bunch of fun climbs.

Fearful Symmetry

A very appealing, steep, and challenging pillar climb that when in is very popular. This climb definitely makes the “must do” list, hence its popularity when in.