Frequently Asked Question

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Booking & Payment Questions

Can I Book A Course In Another Season?

Of course! It helps us plan your trip better and allows you to have something to be excited about.

What Currency Is Your Pricing In?

All of the pricing on our site is in Canadian Dollars (CND)

What type of payment methods do you accept?

We accept etransfer, Visa, Mastercard and you can also book online!

Do I Pay Before Or After The Course Or Trip?

All payments are due before the start of the trip. Even though full payments at time of booking are the easiest, we do accept minimum deposits of 25% with advanced booking greater than 30 days out. Booking with less than 30 days notice require full payment at time of booking. Full balance is due no less than 30 days prior to the scheduled start date.

I want to purchase a course or trip as a gift - can you do this? Do you sell gift certificates?

Best – Gift – Ever! You can pay for someone else’s trip and they will have to sign the waivers under their own name so you aren’t liable. Alternatively, we offer a variety of different gift certificates so the person can choose their own adventure and dates.

What happens if I cancel my trip?

If you have to cancel for an unexpected reason please let us know ASAP and we will do our best to work with you and be as accommodating as possible. For the full cancelation details please refer to our booking info page

What happens if my guide cancels the trip?

Rarely, will we ever fully cancel a trip. However, if this does happen rest assured knowing that we will do everything in our power to re-schedule with you. Please note that Ridgeline Guiding Services reserves the right to cancel any trip at any time due to safety &/or mountain related conditions without penalty. If we cancel for any other reason you will get a full reimbursement. Check out the trip insurance question below.

Where can I purchase trip insurance?

Unfortunate things happen and for that reason we recommend purchasing trip insurance through the Alpine Club of Canada (click here for more info). The ACC insurance program offers a variety of insurance policies, including medical, trip cancellation/interruption and insurance for visitors to Canada. You can also purchase trip insurance directly through Tugo (click here for more info).

Trip & Courses Questions

Can I Rent Equipment From You?

We do have some equipment for rental. When you book online, you will have the option to select your rental equipment. Please contact us if you have any questions about rental equipment.

What Happens If There Is Bad Weather On The Day We Booked?

Weather happens and it does have the potential to affect your trip, and there is no denying that fact. We cannot control the weather but, we can react to it and as such, we will do all we reasonably can to adjust your trip so that we can still maximize the fun factor. What this means for you is that we need you to understand that sometimes plans need to change and we all need to be flexible and adapt. Unfortunately, we cannot control the weather and bad weather is just one of the many risks you will ultimately have to accept to play in the mountains. Refunds due to the weather not cooperating is unfortunately not a realistic option. Rescheduling within a reasonable timeline is an option but, please know that it is not a guarantee because it obviously has to fit within our two schedules and that isn’t always possible. Fortunately though, we live in a great area with a variety of fun things to do, which also includes a great climbing gym and a handful of fine pubs for the worst weather days.

I have never climbed before, can I still do a course or trip?

100% – You don’t need any prior experience to have an amazing time and learn a lot. All types of outdoor activities obviously do have some bare minimum physical requirements. If you’re concerned about your fitness, injury, or other condition, please give us a call and we’ll work with you to figure out a solution.

Where does Ridgeline operate?

We have permits to operate in the National Parks, BC Parks, and AB Parks and typically stick to the following specific parks and regions:

o   National Parks: Banff, Yoho, Kootenay, Revelstoke/Glacier, Waterton

o   Alberta Parks: Kananaskis Country, Ghost River Wilderness Area

o   BC Parks: Bugaboos, Skaha Bluffs

Does Ridgeline offer ski programs?

Yes we do. We like to keep it a bit if a secret due to popular demand but can provide more details if requested.

What should I wear for my trip?

First thing to do when preparing for your trip is to know what the seasonal climate norms are and then look into the local weather forecasts (more one weather below). Once you have a good handle on what to expect for the weather in terms of temperature, precipitation type and amount, and wind, then you can start to strategize your layering system to protect yourself from the elements. Once you are registered for a trip we will send you a detailed list of clothing to have which will bring more detail to the topic than here. However, on a basic level your layering system will start with your base layers, then move out to your mid-layer which vary depending on season, and then finally your outer layers which include such layers as: a breathable softshell-type jackets, a lightweight wind-proof jacket, and your trusty waterproof layers (Gore-tex jacket and pants). Then there’s the footwear, gloves, and hats. Oh and lastly, always remember your sunglasses!

What are some recommended sites to check the weather for my trip?

Firstly, when checking out the weather it is recommended to look at the big picture first before going too specific. This gives you a getter handle on where the systems are coming from and what they are bringing with them. Here are a list of sites to check out in order of scale from big picture to small:

o   Government of Canada: Analysis & Modeling –

o   Mountain Weather Forecast –

o   NAV Canada (A.W.W.S.) –

o   Spot Wx

o   Environment Canada

o   Mountain Weather Forecast-

How do I get awesome climbing pictures?

When we go out, your guide will try to take some great pictures of you. If you want professional images like some of the ones found in our gallery, we’ve teamed up with professional adventure photographers John Price and Tim Banfield. Let us know if you’d like this option and we can help get you the most competitive rates!