More Cowbell

This is a fun 10 pitch route that comes with amazing views of the Kananaskis range and a moderate 5.7 grade. The route has a feeling similar to the popular Mother’s Day Buttress rock route near Banff, but instead of walking off the route, you rappel this one.

Mt. Buller

Mt. Buller is a great alpine rock climb that sports a number of quality routes up it. The main route is Buttress #4 (AD 5.7 250m) which is the southernmost buttress and is closest to the road. This main route (Buttress #4) is the line that contains the exciting and long Boot Crack pitch, which…

Mt. Alberta

To quote Bill Corbett’s 11,000ers of the Canadian Rockies, “Mt. Alberta is the hardest, loosest, scariest and most exhausting of all the 11’000ers, even by the so-called standard route. Yet …. it’s the one peak, other than perhaps Mt. Robson, that serious Rockies mountaineers most want on their climbing resumes.” We would agree. Mt. Alberta is…

Escargot Corner

Just in case you didn’t know, the Rockies used to be a shallow tropical sea. This was roughly 200 million years ago but the remnants of this era are still around today. A great example of this era is, Escargot Corner which, is considered one of the best climbs of its grade in BNP. The…

Pumpkin Route

Officially known as Unnamed in the local guidebook, this great route on the west end of Yamnuska’s south face is better known by locals as the Pumpkin Route, for the very large pumpkin that is painted on the wall at the top of the last pitch.