Navigation Courses

Having good navigation skills and knowing how to read a compass & map can be some of the most important survival skills. Staying oriented and finding your way through the mountains is essential toward your success and safety in the outdoors. Technology is everywhere nowadays, but what do you do when the batteries run out or your “trusty” smartphone dies because it’s a bit cold?..  These are important questions and is why the trusty map & compass should still hold a place in your backpack. Below you will find information on our navigation courses that can help you become a more responsible mountain traveler.

Navigation Skills

Map & Compass

When the electronic navigation fails, do you know how to use the trusty map & compass


Various locations within an hours drive of Canmore, AB


Upon Request I Availability


Remember to pack your lunch and bring a nice drink


$150 + GST for this 1 day course. Minimum of 4 participants required
What You’ll Learn
  • Site Safety, Hazard Assessment, Emergency Protocols

  • Equipment & Proper Use/Limitations 

  • Topographic Map Interpretation

  • UTM & Latitude-Longitude Systems

  • Understanding Map Datums

  • Using a Compass & Other Useful Tools (ie. Altimeters)

  • Outdoor Navigation Practice

    • Re-Sectioning​

    • Following a Bearing

    • Dead Reconing

  • Recommended Navigation Apps

Custom Course

Navigation – All Skill Levels

Don’t see what you need. Let us know and we can build a custom navigation course for you!

Just Ask 🙂


We can accommodate your requests


Upon Request I Availability


Bring your compass and other navigation tools. We’ll provide specific items (ie. topo maps) as required


TBD. Free estimates
  • You request the specific topics and we’ll work with you to make sure your requests are done safely and in a professional manner.

Booking Information

Prior to booking any of our courses please review our Booking InfoAll guests must read, understand, & sign our ACMG Waiver. We will provide a copy for you to sign before each trip or course. We can accommodate equipment needs as requested. Equipment rental is not included in the course costs.  If you have any question please check out our FAQ and don’t hesitate to Contact Us.