Avalanche to Uto

  • Description

    If you are looking for a great high mountain ridge traverse then you have come to the right place because this linkup from Avalanche to Uto will blow your mind as it take you up and over 4 beautifully rugged peaks during the course of 3-4 days. Along the way we’ll climb up and over Avalanche (2861m), Eagle (2846m), Sulzer (≈2710m), and Uto (2927m) which will expose you to the true magic that this region has to offer. It should be noted that we can also do this trip in the reverse direction too and that this trip is only for experienced and very fit individuals. We’ll be going light and fast but nonetheless the packs will still be relatively heavy when compared to a day pack’s weight, which will result in the climbing feeling more challenging then normal. In the end, we want you to thoroughly enjoy yourself so, if you think this might be the trip for you then please feel free to send us an email so we can ask the right question and start planning your next big adventure!

    Extra days can be added to tackle the massive NW ridge of Sir Donald and Terminal peak which creates an even bigger traverse- the Sir Donald group enchainment!

  • Grade

  • Duration

    3-4 days
  • Aspect

    All Aspects
  • Length

    16km +/-2000m

  • Max Guiding Ratio

  • Directions

    Glacier National Park. From Canmore, the drive to Rogers Pass in Glacier NP is roughly 245km (≈3hrs)
  • Approach

    Regardless of the direction we travel the ridge, the approach day is via established hiking trails that require over 1000 vertical metres (3'280 ft.) of elevation gain in order to get to our day-1 bivy site. Day 1 is a tough one either way you slice it.

  • Descent

    This is a high ridge mountain traverse loop with many potential exit options along the way. Guests should be comfortable with exposure, descending loose rock terrain, and lowering/rappelling over cliffs.

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