Mt. Hector

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    Mt. Hector is a very prominent peak located just north of Lake Louise and is a part of the 11,000er’s of the Canadian Rockies. It is both a great summer mountaineering objective and a great winter ski peak. You can pretty much plan a trip up Hector any month of the year but it is best to avoid the fall months (Oct. & Nov.) when when the snow pack is extra thin and the many crevasses on the glacier will be thinly bridged. Mt. Hector was named after the early explorer and climber, James Hector, who was a surgeon and geologist who explored the region in the late 1850s, and not the Trojan prince Hector, who was the greatest Troy warrior during the Trojan war in Greek mythology. That didn’t stop Greek mythology names from sprouting up on the adjacent peaks and climbs such as, Mt. Andromache, Achilles Spur, and Apollo Ridge. The North glacial route up Mt. Hector is the main guided route of choice and can be done in a long day from the car. For the N. glacier route expect to cover roughly 13kms and 1575m of elevation gain/loss.

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  • Duration

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  • Length

    11'135 / 3394m

  • Max Guiding Ratio

  • Directions

    Banff National Park. From Canmore, drive 103kms north on Hwy 1 & Hwy 93N (Icefields Parkway road) to a small pullout on the west side of the road. 
  • Approach

    The approach to the toe of the glacier takes about 3hrs and involves a bit of scrambling and lots of travel over loose and rocky terrain.  

  • Descent

    Retrace your steps.

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