Mt. Joffre

  • Description

    Mt. Joffre is the highest peak between the US border and Mt. Assiniboine, and only one of two 11’000ers found in Kananaskis Country. Standing 3343m (11,263ft) Mt. Joffre is a great summer general mountaineering objective, but am even better winter ski objective. Either way, this peak is best done through Aster Lake, using the Upper Kananaskis Lake parking lot, and the Mangin Glacier to access the North Face or NE Ridge routes that lead to the beautiful summit. As a ski objective, Joffre is best tackled during the months of March to April, and as a general mountaineering (foot) objective, it is best to plan your trips between July and September. Neither route is really challenging by technical standards, so with a little bit of experience and a good amount of fitness this 11’000er could be a great addition to the bucket list.

  • Grade

  • Duration

    2-3 days
  • Aspect

  • Length

    11'263 / 3433m

  • Max Guiding Ratio

  • Directions

    Peter Lougheed Provincial Park (Kananaskis Country). From Canmore, the drive is just over an hour (93km) via Hwy 1 east and Hwy 40 south.
  • Approach

    Mt. Joffre takes an extra effort to access since it is not really a peak that can be done in a day. From the Upper Kananaskis Lake parking lot, follow the hiker's trail approx. 11km (one-way) to Aster Lake Campground which includes some ups and downs of +620m and -85m.

  • Descent

    Retrace your steps. Easy right!?... 🙂

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