The Fold

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    The Fold is a very exciting multi-pitch alpine rock climb that ascends a very defined ‘fold’ of rock on Mt. Kidd. As you navigate this unique feature you’ll notice that the stone is quite solid by Rockies standards and the climbing is very fun. The cliffside position is absolutely breathtaking as you looks down into the valley and further toward south Kananaskis Country. Climbing this route during larch season is extra special because all the autumn colours are out and super vibrant. Larch season is around mid-Sept when all the Larch trees are changing to their beautiful autumn golden colour, which happens just before the tree sheds all their needles. If the pictures don’t inspire you to want to climb this beautiful route, then we don’t know what to say… Have a look and see for yourself. The Fold is a ‘must’ Rockies classic rock climb!

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  • Directions

    Spray Valley Prov. Park (Kananaskis Country). From Canmore drive East Hwy. 1 and use Hwy. 40S to head into K-Country. Park at the Galatea Creek parking lot (45min or 63km one-way).
  • Approach

    From the Galatea Creek parking lot the approach is roughly 1hr.

  • Descent

    Rappel 60m from the top of the route (35m totally free hanging) and catch the climber's descent trail. Some short-roping req'd on the descent. (≈2hrs)

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