Valley of the Birds

  • Description

    VOTB is not a multi-pitch climb but it is a really cool canyon zone to explore in the Ghost and tic off a bunch of awesome (mostly single pitch) climbs. VOTB also make a great backup plan. The main routes are listed below as you hike in.

    -Dead Bird (WI3, 45m)

    -Yellow Bird (WI4, 30m)

    -Seagull (WI4, 30m)

    -Bluebird (WI2, 30m)

    -Albatross (WI3, 100m)

    -The Eagle (WI5, 35m)

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  • Directions

    The Ghost (Don Getty Wildland Prov. Park). Drive into the north ghost to the VOTB drainage, shortly after marker 39. The north ghost tends to have more challenging access than the south ghost (2’ish hr drive from Canmore). Water x-ings (ie. ice shelves) and snow drifts are typical challenges.
  • Approach

    Cross the creek and head up the short WI2 step to access the VOTB canyon.

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